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Games, selfies, lenses, filters and more.

Welcome ECR Delegates! Check out our 'watch n win' video below to learn all about engaging shoppers and consumers with Augmented Reality.


AR Options: Filters/Selfies

Filters are pretty straight forward. They are a bit like masks. You open the camera and put the filter on and share to win. You can also apply a filter to your face or an object or a scene ( although technically these are called lenses!). 

Filters work really well when activating occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day etc. They also work really well for sponsorship and events.

Standard 2-D filters can be created quickly and cost effectively, whereas 3-D filters take more time and budget.

AR Options: World Lens

A World Lens is exactly that – it’s a lens on the world. In this example we can see a 3-D Bud Light animated character walking though Times Square. 

So, depending on your brand you can create an effect where you might encourage your consumers to place an object, person or character into their real word environment.

We did one recently where an Italian pasta brand created 3-D branded models of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Colosseum and encouraged their shoppers to scan their pasta box and share the lens to win. 

Mobile mockup 1

Treasure Hunts

There are two types of Treasure Hunt that you can create using Augmented Reality. 

First off, there is the Pokemon Go type. These are where the brand goes all in and everything is geo-tagged and mapped, and objects appear magically in-store or within close proximity to where you want them to be. These tend to require an app or a website or deep collaboration with a geo-friendly platform like Snapchat. 

Alternatively,  there is the other, simpler ( and cheaper) variety where you drop objects into the immediate vicinity of the player, and ask them to find, or catch the objects for a bit of fun.  These work on the web, app or social.

We did one recently for Easter where we asked shoppers to scan their coffee cups and find golden eggs and share a picture of them with Easter Bunny ears for a chance to win.


Portals do exactly what it says on the tin.

You create an experience and invite your shopper or consumer to come on in and have a look around. You actually have to motion the phone or walk into the portal. This motion makes it feel like you are actually there!

 So, for example if you are a hotel you could create a 360 degree portal and get people to come in and have a look. You could plant a lucky coin or a voucher in there and players could redeem that for a chance to win or discount.

The most well-known AR portal was the Stranger Things one!


Logo Scan Edit

One of the great things about Augmented Reality is that the camera can see the object in front of it and you can set up your experience as a canvas so that your shopper or consumer can create their own take on it. 

Coca Cola made great success of this with Share A Coke, where you could edit the label with your name. 

Today’s consumers want to feel unique and offering them something personalised and unique is a key way to succeed. Allowing them to edit your brand makes them feel part of the story and grows your community.

So, whatever your product you can invite people to edit your brand or packaging and share or submit for a chance to win.


In June 2020 Snapchat announced that more than 100 million users have played Snapchat AR games since the April 2019 launch. 

The great thing about AR games is that you can play them on top of the real world in a camera view.

We created an AR basketball game for an industry event where you could shoot virtual balls into the virtual hoop for a chance to win via a prize leader-board. It’s the best of both worlds! ( headline, Victoria quote!)

On Instagram and Snapchat the games also respond to your facial or body/hand gestures.

So, say you’re an FMCG candy brand you can develop a game where you have to catch sweets in your mouth with your friends for a chance to win.

try ons


One of the most successful areas of Augmented Reality during Covid 19 has been ‘try ons’ where you can sample a product without having to go in-store.

Cosmetics, clothing, trainers, furniture, eye-wear and hats are all now available to be easily experienced using AR.

Shopify, the commerce brand, recently released a statistic where they revealed site visitors for Rebecca Minkoff handbags are 65% more likely to place an order after interacting with a product in AR

For promotions Bayern Munich wanted to get people taking about their new jersey so they built an AR try on filter in Instagram, and people could try on the jersey and share to win!


There are many win mechanics from the print world that can be re-imagined for packaging using AR.

One of these is ‘peel reveal’. This works where you invite shoppers to scan a label or product shape and drop a digital sticker onto the pack. Shoppers then tap the sticker to reveal and win/lose message.

Similarly you could drop a virtual neck tie onto a bottle. AR can also recognise barcodes and product shapes and the great thing is that you don’t have to change the primary packaging.

You can drive shoppers to the pack via email/comms/social which works really well for building loyalty and community amongst people who have bought your product.

You can also add vouchers to re-purchase online or in-store.

peel reveal


As well as doing amazing Augmented Reality experiences we also offer the following services all in our dedicated studio in Ireland under the one roof:

  • Web entry mechanics
  • App Development
  • Text and win campaigns
  • WhatsApp & Win campaigns
  • Social and video content
  • SEO
  • Adwords