Ballymaloe Buy Scan Win

Scan Your Ballymaloe Stir In Range To Win

We worked with R2S on an Augmented Reality packaging activation for our 'Stir-in' range. Their work is of a very high standard and they guided us every step of the way. We were pleasantly surprised with the results. I would recommend! Maxine Hyde, Marketing Director.

The brief & background

Ballymaloe Foods began with Ballymaloe Relish – a recipe that was always made and served in Ballymaloe House by Myrtle Allen. Yasmin Hyde brought it to market in 1990. The range has grown gradually over the last 30 years, and Ballymaloe now we make Pasta Sauces, Salad Dressings, Beetroot, Relishes and Meat & Roasting sauces.

As part of the activation of their 'Stir In' pasta sauces range, Ballymaloe were looking for a prize mechanic that would appeal to to their Millennial and Gen Z Shoppers.

Ballymaloe wanted a mechanic that would encourage purchase of the stir in range.

So they turned to use to create a buy scan win mechanic.

Running on paid Facebook, and Instagram and also on the Ballymaloe owned ( social, email, website) channels, we targeted shoppers to click the ads and then scan the label for a chance to win.

Once shoppers arrived at the landing page they were encouraged to buy Ballymaloe and scan the label. Once they scanned the label of the relevant SKU's an Augmented Reality sticker magically appeared on the jar inviting users to peel the sticker and then enter their details for a chance to win!

What we delivered

Ideation/Concept Generation

Augmented Reality ‘Scan win’ packaging recognition & SKU tracking

Web page/prize form design and build

Terms & Conditions Supply

Database design and hosting and security/ GDPR, opt-ins

Web/AR Analytics and reporting

Facebook/Instagram/Email attribution and analytics

Prize Draw

Winner Notification



  • 1,699 /2.65% Entries/Click Through Rate
  • 46% Opt-In Rate

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