Examples of Alcohol Brands Using Augmented Reality

Published 17 August 2023

Since 2010 when the Augmented Reality first appeared ( in the form of apps mainly) alcohol brands have really embraced Augmented Reality.

Why do alcohol brands invest in AR?

Alcohol and Drinks companies invest billions in making their packaging and ‘distinctive brand assets’ stand out – especially in the on trade where many brands are discovered and adopted.

These distinctive brand assets are a perfect canvas to develop Augmented Reality experiences and promotions.

In addition to this, consumers have a natural curiosity about the provenance of the beer, wine or spirit that are consuming and they also, depending on the occasion,  tend to to be in a relaxed setting when they are consuming the product. Again, adding to the potential to get them to interact with the packaging with AR.

How is this evolved since AR began in 2010?

One of the first alcohol related ones we did as an agency was for Jameson who were relaunching their iconic Jameson bottle and asked us to develop an Augmented Reality app to tell the story of the new bottle and the Jameson ‘Sine Metu’ identity.

So, we built an app for shoppers. This enables them to use to scan the label and bring into life in 3D and learn more about Jameson. They can also discover recipes and unlock exclusive rewards.

The app looked great. However, as we all know shoppers don’t want to download individual apps to learn more about brands. Although, you won’t go far wrong building AR mechanics that offer rewards, chances to win and useful recipes.

Since then, and especially with the recent ‘premiumisation’ of alcohol and explosion of Gin, Vodka, Whiskey and Craft Beers & Wines marketers have invested even more budget in developing Augmented Reality experiences and promotional mechanics to activate their packaging.


Here are some examples of alcohol brands using Augmented Reality.

Note: tune in next week for a checklist for how to create winning Augmented Reality experiences and promotional mechanics for your alcohol brands:

1.Hendricks Augmented Reality Game and Selfies

hendrics-banner (2)

How it works

Scan QR Code to access Web-AR experience
Play the cucumber catch game to win prizes ( complete with nice sensory sound effects music and swipes and swishes!)
Use the filter/selfie creator to share snaps

2. Jameson Virtual Tree Game



How it works

Firstly, scan the QR code to open the Jameson AR experience

Play the virtual tree game

Enter your details to be entered into a prize draw

3. Bacardi AR Vinyl Rollercoaster



How it works

Scan the QR code to open the Bacardi AR experience

Enter the Bacardi competition to be in with the chance of winning prizes

Take a picture of your cocktail and share it

4. Grey Goose


grey goose-banner

How it works

Scan the QR code to access to AR experience

Add in your Grey Goose cocktail into the AR experience

Share the picture and enter the competition

5. Bacardi Fruit Cannon Game 


bacardi bahama-banner

How it works

Scan the QR code to open the AR experience

Play the Fruit Cannon game – shoot the targets with the Bacardi cannon

Enter the competition to win Bacardi gear prizes

6. Heineken World Cup Game 



How it works

Firstly, scan the QR code on your Heineken can to access the game

Position your camera so the football player is on a flat surface

Play the Heineken World Cup game and try get as many kick ups as you can

7. SKKY Vodka 



How it works

Firstly, scan the QR code to experience the AR

The interactive AR provides customers information on the brand and recipes for drinks using SKKY

8. Corona Seltzer AR



How it works

Scan the QR code to open the Corona AR experience

Secondly, spin the wheel to pick your cocktail

After spinning the wheel, cocktail recipes using Corona seltzers are provided