Keelings Rewilding On Pack Promotion

Scan Your Keelings Pack To Get Your Free Seeds

We have been working with Return2Sender for over 15 years. During that time they have delivered numerous text and win, web entry and QR web entry on-pack promotions. They are a trusted partner to our agency.

The brief & background

Keelings and their 'Great Rewilding' programme are on a mission to reverse the declining population of bees and other pollinators in Ireland.

So, as part of the programme, Keeling's and their agency, The Marketing Network, were giving shoppers the chance to get a free rewilding seed pack.

To get the rewilding seed pack, shoppers scanned the QR code on the pack to take them to a microsite. Once shoppers arrived on the microsite, they entered a unique code from the pack together with their name, address and eircode to claim their free pack.

Return2Sender generated the unique codes and QR codes for the packs, built the web form and database to validate the unique codes and we also supplied a portal where the prize fulfilment team could grab the all important shopper data to send out the Wildflower seeds packs.

We also sent automated email stats to the various stakeholders to report on entry stats, redemption rates, claim rates etc.

Did you know? 'Wildflowers provide critical habitat for pollinators like insects and wildlife, who then play a critical role in ecosystem function and pollination. Wildflowers can improve soil health, prevent erosion, improve water quality, increase yields and enhance forage conditions for livestock'.

What we delivered

Unique Code Generation for all SKU’s running the promotion.

Web form to validate unique codes and capture prize claim name, address, opt ins

QR Code Generation

Terms & Conditions Support

Prize logic, fraud/error prevention, de-duplication of entries ( 1 per mobile per day)

Web Analytics and reporting

Opt in, data management, data extract, deletion of data as per GDPR & Tc&Cs





  • 29,065 Entries
  • 31% Opt-In Rate

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