Nestlé Monopoly Maths Augmented Reality Packaging

Donald Douglas
Published 13 June 2024

Accessible via a QR code, Nestlé has added an Augmented Reality experience to their cereal packaging. Scanning the code allows users to interact with a maths quiz that uses traditional monopoly pieces to help kids count.

Why We Like It

1. Valuable- This experience is a tangible addition to the product. It drives sales as consumers making a quick purchase can see the additional value that Nestlé is offering to their family breakfasts. Additionally, Augmented Reality is engaging and exciting for kids.

Nestlé Monopoly Augmented Reality packaging.

Image Credit- Zappar

2. Caters for a Dual Audience- The experience is catered toward children and thus features fun characters and colours. However, the maths element appeals to children’s guardians purchasing these products. Nestlé has cleverly catered to both parties with this promotion.

3. Packaging- The cereals that feature Augmented Reality have promotional packaging. Retailers will often promote promotional packaging. It also is more engaging to shoppers.

Nestlé Cereal Packages

Image Credit- Nestlé

We love seeing fun packaging that features Augmented Reality. This is a great use of AR as it is a useful addition for the target audience and will also drive sales.

If you would like to create packaging that features an Augmented Reality element get in touch with us here! We’d love to work together to create something creative and functional.