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On Pack Promotions - Drive Volume, Acquire 1st Party Data

RETURN2SENDER 20 February 2024

On pack promotions are a tried and tested way of driving purchase and providing standout for brands at the point of purchase. We have over 20 years of developing all types of on pack promotions and mechanics from text and win, to web/microsite/QR and lately Augmented Reality 'scan win' experiences.

What are on pack promotions?

On pack promotions are a marketing initiative specifically to drive sales uplift in the short and medium term.

On pack promotions can take the form of a competition or promotional mechanic such as entering a unique code in a web form for a chance to win a prize or, they can take the form of a shopper receiving a gift with purchase that might be inside the pack or delivered via a voucher code.

Most on pack promotions are ‘linked to purchase’ and take the form of the shopper having to enter a unique code, found inside the pack, into a web form for a chance to win a prize instantly or in an hourly, daily, weekly or random ‘magic moments’ or instant win draw.

Other types of on pack promotions could take the form of the shoppers scanning a QR code on the pack or scanning the logo of the pack and submitting a proof of purchase to enter for a chance to win.

On pack promotions are an incredibly effective in that they encourage purchase but they also give the brand ‘stand out’ at the point of purchase.

This is because the new, eye catching, on-pack artwork might have been refreshed to support the promotion and shoppers are more likely to notice the newly designed pack.

In addition to this, retailers will give brands that are running on pack promotions more visibility at the fixture which is vital in encouraging the shopper to stop, engage and ultimately purchase the product that is being promoted.

What are some examples of on-pack promotions?

Walkers Crisps – buy a pack of Walkers and enter to win tickets to the new Ghostbusters movie: www.walkers.co.uk/ghostbusters
Win a dream family holiday with Cadbury and Mr Kipling – www.winadreamfamilyholiday.co.uk
“Pepsi, For the Love of It” Augmented Reality – scan the back and play ‘keepie-uppies’ with Salah, Messi and co for a chance to win

What are the benefits of running on pack promotions?

-On pack promotions provide standout for brands on shelf where the majority of decisions are made ( retailers provide greater visibility and support to brands that are running promotions that encourage purchase)
-On pack promotions drive sales and provide a ‘value added’ reason to buy your product
-On pack promotions drive engagement with on average 1% of all packs receiving an entry
-On pack promotions add value to your packaging via instant win, gift with purchase and free content / digital rewards
-On pack promotions enable new types of formats like Augmented Reality where the pack can be used as a canvas for games and immersive experiences where shoppers can also win prizes
-On pack promotions drive significantly more active engagement than shelf edge or POS driven prize mechanics
-Data capture of email or mobile ( on average minimum 30% of campaign entrants will opt in for ongoing comms via email and or SMS)

Checklist for creating an on pack promotion:

-What is the mechanic and plan? (Idea generation, prize selection, sourcing and campaign planning, legal)
-Entry method selection – is it text to win, web entry, QR code, Augmented Reality etc.
-Is it linked to purchase? Do we have the budget for generating unique codes? What are the lead times for printers?
-Will we re-design, copy and art direction of existing pack artwork and what are the, usually long, lead times for printers?
-Unique code generation and printer liaison for pack artwork sign off
-Technical build of web form/microsite, text to win mechanic or AR ‘scan win’ experience
-Prize draw, win logic and winner selection automation – what are the prize draw parameters?
-Contacting winners and providing names, address, email, mobile etc to fulfilment partners – how do we get the prizes to the winners?
-Can we data capture and how do we do the secure storage or transfer of opt in entrants
-Do we need google analytics integration for reporting directly to client’s/agency GA account
-IT Security, INFOSEC and penetration test of web form – how can we ensure the tech is rock solid and there is no risk of hackers and ‘compers’ trying to ‘game’ the promotion. How do we prevent bots submitting multiple entries fraudulently
-Gaming & Lotteries compliance and legal guidance
-How do we amplify the promotion and integrate it with wider comms and retailer media

What we offer:

We provide everything to make your on pack promotions a success from initial concepts, to packaging sign off, assets design, liaising IT and legal departments, working with with printers for printing unique codes and of course all of the technical elements required to design and build the microsite/web from, text and win mechanic or Augmented reality experience.

We will also manage and shopper or retailer queries and liaise with fulfilment houses for sending out prizes.

We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and watch over all stages creating your on pack promotion so that everything works smoothly.

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