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RETURN2SENDER 20 February 2024

Web entry mechanics ( or web forms) reach the widest possible audience and can be embedded in any website, app or standalone as a microsite. Link in bio, paid ads, whats app/SMS or QR codes can signpost competition entrants landing pages. Additional conditions can be added to the form depending on what the business objective or activity goal is ( upload receipt, unique code, proof of purchase, geo location, voting, selfie etc etc.).

What are promotional micro sites?

Promotional micro sites are competition ‘entry mechanics’ where consumers enter their details ( name, email, mobile DOB etc.) for a chance to win a prize in a prize draw or instant win mechanic.

These promotional mechanics tend to be promoted or linked to via paid advertising, email/SMS comms, link in bio ( Instagram) or via QR codes where the entrant might be in-store or accessing via point of sale, or out of home or print media.

As the name suggests promotional micro sites  are usually housed on a a dedicated campaign URL or embedded within existing websites, apps or media partners/retailers own web pages/websites/apps.

These promotions might also be ‘linked to purchase’ where the shopper has to input a unique code, upload a receipt, scan a pack logo or barcode or upload a product shot.

Promotional micro sites might also contain immersive or games/gamification elements to make the promotion more engaging, memorable to or relevant to younger shoppers.

Like all types of promotions these ‘web entry’ mechanics are a great way to keep consumers engaged and acquire 1st party data and in the case they are also a great way of securing visibility/awareness amongst retailer or media partners.

Key Benefits

-Perfect for acquiring 1st party data in the form of email addresses and mobile numbers
-Ideal for acquiring and retaining customers and nudging towards purchase
-Work seamlessly on the desktop web, tablet and mobile via responsive web tech
-Dovetail perfectly with QR codes for print and point of sale and OOH
-Multi retailers and prize scenarios can be housed in the same microsite
-Potential to geo-lock promotions so only genuine shoppers within defined locations can enter
-Opportunity to include other mechanics like upload, receipt, pack shot, logo scan, unique code etc
-Scope to include mini games, augmented reality, voting mechanics, scratch and win, wheel of fortune, gamification etc

Key Considerations for Set Up and costing of a promotional micro site 

Here are some things to consider when setting up your web entry mechanic:

-What is the activity goal? who is the target audience?
-Is a static/dynamic QR code required for point of sale and or packaging
-Number of retailers running the promotion
-Type of prize draw: ( win every day/hour/week magic moments etc)
-Link to purchase – are unique codes or scan pack, input required as part of the entry process?
-Link to purchase – must shoppers upload a receipt, pack shot/selfie, scan logo, proof of purchase etc?
-Number of retailers running the promotion – how many?
-Prize/retailer consideration – will there be different prizes per retailer or will all prizes be distributed across all participating retailers?
-Geo-restrictions – do we restrict the entries to certain outlets, territories etc
-Prize draws? How many will there be? is there a mix of virtual vouchers or will all prizes be posted? we can manage all scenarios.
-IT Audit: will there be a penetration test and IT audit required?
-Entries volume and scale – will there be large volume of entries required, is high availability required to manage spikes in volume with -media burst and promotional support?
-Reporting – does the promotion require Google analytics tagging etc
-Prize fulfilment – who is managing prizes and contacting winners how can we set up to seamlessly manage this
-Campaign Url – is it free on ? if so book it on before going to print or booking media

What we offer:

We have run 100s of promotional microsite, web forms and QR code mechanics for clients over the years. We can develop simple promotional web forms that cater for 100s of entries all the way up to robust, IT compliant promotions that have entries in the millions.

Our ‘win-mekanix’ platform enable us to build web entry mechanics in hours not weeks and provide URLs, and QR codes quickly for POS or media deadlines.

We can tailor the web entry mechanic to your brief and can add additional fun gamification elements to make your promotion more engaging and relevant to your target audience.

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