QR Code & Augmented Reality Treasure Hunts

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RETURN2SENDER 19 March 2024

QR Code & Augmented Reality Promotional Treasure Hunts

This exciting promotion offers brands the opportunity to create a digital scavenger hunt for consumers or employees. We take the fun and excitement offered by traditional scavenger hunts and employ cutting-edge technology offering a memorable brand experience.

QR code and AR hunts are a fun and clever way of leveraging game psychology to engage shoppers or employees over a continued period.  These enjoyable treasure hunts allow players to use their skills while working together. Consequently, players retain information better and are motivated to participate in the experience.

So, what are QR Code and AR Treasure Hunts?

Teams follow virtual clues through a variety of methods, that lead them to digital or physical prizes. Similarly to the popular Pokemon Go, new technology has enabled a new level of scavenger hunt gameplay. We leverage QR codes, smartphones, geo technologies and augmented reality to build a virtual game that provides great brand promotion and team-building opportunities.

What are the types of QR code Scavenger Hunts?

We offer several different formats or treasure hunts, each providing unique opportunities for brand growth.

1. QR Code Trail:

This option sees players following simple instructions to arrive at different locations. They scan a QR code at each location to verify they arrived. Once they have scanned all the QR codes they win a prize or reward. We previously provided this experience for Jameson.  Players had to visit 4 pubs, scanning a unique code at each pub to unlock a free serving of Jameson. This proved very successful and each player got a personalised certificate, to share on social media as proof of completion.

2. Treasure Hunt with Maps, Quizzes, Clues and/or Photos:

In contrast, this hunt doesn’t require a QR code. Instead, players must solve clues to discover the locations to visit. They then submit a photo or answer a location-based question to unlock the next set of clues. This option is slightly less tech-heavy. As a result, it is a great option for those without much tech knowledge and still provides a rewarding experience.

3. Trail Using Geo-Location:

This option is similar to the experience of Pokemon Go. We use geo-location to validate that users have arrived at the specified location. Furthermore, we harness geo-technologies to nudge players along the way. Clues are only unlocked when the user is at the location. They then use their phone camera to find and collect the digital icon. We worked with a Breast Cancer Awareness Charity, Pine2Pink, to host a Geo-Location trail. The public partook in the treasure hunt for pink augmented-reality ribbons. Once the ribbon was collected, players received an instant prize and points. This promotion was a great success and raised both money and awareness for breast cancer.


4. Augmented Reality (AR):

In augmented reality treasure hunts or ‘scavengAR hunts’ ( see what we did there?) players are required to go to specific locations. Once there, they use their camera to scan posters. The posters reveal instant prizes or clues that allow them to progress to the next level. These types of treasure hunts are similar to the QR Code Trails but, in this instance, players must scan an image or object with AR, not a QR code. We did one of these recently at an event for WSI Ireland at the RDS. Players scanned a poster which then magically came to life and gave them clues to unlock new levels and gain points by scanning more posters. This is a fun and engaging way to use Augmented Reality.

WSI Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

Points to Consider When Creating QR code Trails and other Virtual Hunts. 

Target Audience- how familiar are they with technology?  This can help narrow down your choice of treasure hunts.

Location- where is the treasure hunt taking place? Consider the weather, 4G signal, crowds, and noise.

Brand – how is the brand represented? Is it too techie? A combination of paper and tech always works well ( aka ‘phygital’).

Brand awareness – how will we use these experiences to promote the brand?

User retention- how do we keep users’ attention? Fun experiences and seamless interface design keep users playing.

Plan B – we recommend having a paper-based email or SMS backup plan in case of a tech meltdown.

Prizes – how do we distribute vouchers? Physical prizes help with WOM but digital vouchers are much easier to distribute.

We can help you combine all these factors to create a great brand experience.

Inspiration: – Here Our Some of Our Favourite Examples of Brand Scavenger Hunts

Nike: https://thenextarchives.com/ideas/in-store-ar-scavenger-hunt-for-nikes-outdoor-adventure-line-acg/

Nike SneakAR drop: https://www.marketingdive.com/news/foot-locker-transforms-nike-sneaker-drop-into-ar-treasure-hunt/540189/

Cadbury WorldWide Hide: https://www.vccp.com/work/cadbury/the-worldwide-hide-is-back

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