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RETURN2SENDER 20 February 2024

Small but mighty, SMS remains the unsung hero for cut through and eliciting a direct response. SMS is incredibly versatile especially for OOH, Radio, Print and Point of Sale. SMS campaigns are easy to set up, cost effective, accountable and because SMS is ‘discreet’ people might choose texting a keyword to a short-code then being over to scan a QR code. We have over 20 years of delivering text and win campaigns in UK, Ireland and understand the subtle details required to make your promotion a success.

What are Text to Win campaigns?

Text to Win campaigns or SMS promotions are promotional mechanics whereby shoppers text in a keyword e.g. COKE to a short code for a chance to win.

These promotions work well in ‘on the go’ scenarios like a retail environment. In this case, shoppers might be less inclined to type in a web URL or scan a QR code. Given that SMS is discreet, people are much more likely to text a keyword than scan a QR code.

In addition, Text to Win campaigns are easy to set up, cost-effective and invite less scrutiny from brand teams or IT Security (because there is no publicly facing IP or web address).

Did you know? Although person-to-person SMS is in decline, person-to-machine SMS is in growth year on year. As a result,  SMS Text to Win campaigns are more popular than ever.

Examples of Text to Win campaigns 

Text FOOTBALL and your match score prediction to 50400.
Text CADBURY your name and DOB to 50400 for your chance to win.
Text VOTE and the reference for a chance to win.
Text TAYTO and your barcode for a chance to win.

Key Benefits of Text to Win Campaigns:

Easy to set- up. It takes hours not weeks to set them up! Unlike other campaigns, they have a quick turnaround time.
Rapid integration with POS and OOH.
They invite little scrutiny from IT Security and Brand Police.
In addition, these promotions are 100% shopper-centric in busy retail environments. Moreover, retail partners also love Text to Wins.
They are Cost Effective.

Key Considerations for Set Up and Costing

Location of activity- Where the Text to Win campaign is being held plays a role eg. Rep Of Ireland, UK, N.IRE, Europe, USA, Australia etc.
It is important to consider the number of retailers running the promotion. This lets us know how many keywords you need.
The Prize mechanic draw is important to know how the competition will work.
If data is required as part of the entry process? If so what data e.g. name, address, DOB barcode or unique code ?
Furthermore, what are the live dates and end dates?
Any of the T&Cs required for POS.
Possible URL required for T&Cs ( we can host if it is required).
Any IT sign-off or docs/warranties required for IT audit or sign-off/compliance.
Prize fulfilment and process for contacting winners.

What we offer: 

Return2Sender has created numerous different Text to Win campaigns. We assist brands every step of the way from the initial idea to the distribution of promotional material. We want to create a campaign that drives sales and meets brand aims.

Check out some of our previous campaigns!

We worked with Carlsberg on a promotion offering season tickets as the prize.

A campaign with Denny offered shopping vouchers for consumers texting in.

With Budweiser, we worked on a prediction element whereby consumers guessed the outcome of sporting matches. As well as driving sales this further embedded the brand in consumers’ minds and created associations with Budweiser and sporting matches.

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