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Text&Win, App Development, Augmented Reality, Web Entry , 

QR, Scan & Win, NFC, iBeacons. 

We leverage mobile tech like SMS, Apps, QR codes, and Augmented Reality to engage your shoppers, consumers and employees.

Pepsi Text & Win


Did you know that SMS usage is on the increase?

Although peer to peer SMS has decreased, business to person SMS is on the rise. Why?

SMS is quick and easy to use, it’s secure, and it works on every phone all over the world.

For brands ‘text & win’ campaigns are easy to set up, accountable, cost effective and for in-store activations and retailer ‘buy in’ they are 100% shopper centric.

We provide SMS ‘text and win’ services to brands and agencies in UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Australia.

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Scan & Win Augmented Reality

Did you ever get your face scanned at the airport instead of using your passport? Well if you have, you’ve used ‘computer vision’ scanning technology.

Cameras can see everything now, from your face, to your number plate, to your credit card and for marketers, the logos, and unique markers on product packaging, POS and media.

Using ‘scan win’ mechanics, brands can prompt consumers and shoppers to seek out their brand’s logo, barcode, Snapchat code, URN or QR code and reward them for scanning with win mechanics, mini games, vouchers or other fun or useful experiences.

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Web Entry Mechanics & QR Codes

In 2019, black Friday saw 52% of all sales take place on Mobile devices.

Having a ‘mobile optimised’ website enables your brand to engage with busy consumers & shoppers on the move.

We can create simple mobile microsites to enable your promotion or competitions. We can also ‘geo track’ where shoppers entered and tailor the prize or experience accordingly. We also develop simple mobile websites that integrate with QR codes, NFC tags, Snapcodes, WhatsApp and Augmented Reality. Check out our QR code research in ABOUT US.

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App Development

In 2019, app stores generated €122 Billion!

The reason: people can’t get enough of the slickness of an app.

Sure, some things work just fine and dandy on a website but, if you want to really engage your consumers, shoppers or employees, a nice app is the perfect place to do that.

We’ve 12 years experience making apps for clients like JUST EAT, AVIVA, GAA, Vodafone, Coca Cola, A&L Goodbody, Tallaght Hospital, ISPCC,and Bank Of Ireland, to name but a few.

We design all types of apps ( in-house) for all types of use cases and budgets.

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NFC Tap2Win

Have you ever tapped your bank card or your phone against a payment terminal in a shop?

Well, if you have, then you’ve experienced Near Field Communication (NFC) – simple, joyous and frictionless!

The opportunities for Marketers here are endless.

By embedding NFC ‘tags’ in POS or media we can enable all types of activations from simple ‘tap to win’ campaigns, useful ‘tap for more’ info campaigns, and also more integrated app or loyalty programmes.

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Augmented Reality

There was a time when Augmented Reality (AR) was the stuff of hover boards, and flying cars.

But now, thanks to companies like Pokemon Go and Snapchat, AR is, for a certain demographic, actually quite mainstream.

The jury is still out on many AR use cases but there are areas where AR has really taken off such as packaging, print OOH and events where the addition of AR can encourage purchase, drive deeper engagement, social sharing and generate more data and more leads.

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Prize fulfillment

Chasing up competition winners is a bit like herding cats!

It usually involves lots of excel, DMs on Instagram, voicemail and stress.

We can take the hassle out of all of that, using our automated, handy GDPR complaint SMS/Web form platform.

The platform manages everything from picking winners, to alerting winners to getting replies and even picking new winners when the initial group don’t reply.

It will even text everyone when the prizes are being sent out.

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