Pine2Pink Scavenger Hunt

Pokemon Go Meets 3-D Digital Signage

This was a very fluid project with lots of moving parts so, thanks for being there for us every step of the way,
especially all the testing of geo-coordinates & last minute changes!
Keith Fenimore Director, Pine2Pink

The brief & background

Background: Pine2Pink is 'an experience based non-profit on a mission to raise money to benefit LOCAL cancer patients with local retailers on every Pine Street, USA'.

'By turning every *Pine* Street in the USA *Pink* we strive to create an immersive, visceral month-long festival type experience EMPOWERING the entire community to participate and donate on behalf of their local cancer patients'.

The Brief: Pine2Pink's brief to R2S was to create a promotional mechanic where festival goers would be incentivised to pick up their phones and, while playing the AR game, donate to Pine2Pink.

Our Response: Using the iconic Breast Cancer pink ribbon ( that every participating retailer displayed in support of the festival) and, taking our inspiration from Pokemon Go, we created an augmented reality treasure hunt that drove festival goers into outlets to win novelty and 1000's of tiered retailer funded prizes instantly.

We placed DONATE NOW 'nudges' everywhere in the flow, to remind people to donate.

As well as winning prizes instantly, players could also collect ribbons to give them points for the big, weekly prize draw.

What we delivered

Promotional Concept Supply

Design, Copy & Art Direction of all pages

iOS & Android Apps

Augmented Reality ‘Anchoring’ & Geo Visualisation of Prizes *Per Outlet*

Content Management System and Hierarchical UAM system for sampling teams to add participating outlets, geo co-ordinates and prizes

Prize Redemption & Risk Management

Reporting & Analytics



  • 29,488 Donations
  • 82% In-Outlet Prize Voucher Redemptions

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