The Best (and Worst) Examples of QR Codes on Product Packaging

Sara Eagar
Published 21 June 2024

QR codes can completely transform product packaging from uninspiring to interactive and engaging. QR codes can inform users about the product, link to a competition or even a game the brand has created. As more and more QR codes emerge on packaging we want to point to the great (and not-so-great) among them.

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Here are the best (and worst) examples of QR code packaging.

Cheestrings X The Garfield Movie

QR Code Packaging

Cheestrings’ new packaging features everyone’s favourite cat to celebrate the upcoming Garfield movie. The packets also offer consumers entry into a competition via a QR code to win a family holiday to California. Here are some elements that make it a great on-pack promotion.

-The packaging heavily features advertising for the new movie thus promoting its upcoming release.

-A child-friendly product was chosen to promote the movie thus cleverly reaching their target audience through their snacks

-The QR code links to a competition and also a movie trailer, thus making the most of the QR code.

-Similarly, the question needed to enter the competition is Garfield trivia further promoting the movie.

Untitled design-7

Overall, Cheestrings and Garfield have created a great collaborative on-pack promotion that makes the most of the competition, packaging, and QR code to fulfil their aims.

McVitie’s The Great Biscuit Break Bonanza

McVities In-Store Shopper Promotion- The Great Biscuit Break Bonanza

McVities have launched a QR code campaign aimed at the concept of a biscuit break. Entrants buy a pack, enter the code, and find out instantly if they have won.

Why We Like It

Free-Standing Display Units- The promotional packaging is paired with a free-standing display unit (FSDU) this makes the products stand out. in a busy retail environment. Pairing new packaging with another in-store promotional technique is a great way to get the most out of the packaging and drive sales.

Cohesive Brand Campaign- Often competition prizes can appear out of place and not slot into the brand’s values and identities. McVities played into the idea of a ‘break’ by framing all the prizes through this lens. For example, a cash prize is described as “a break from paying bills”. Similarly, they are offering a “break from cleaning” in the form of a cleaning service and a “beach break” in Barcelona. This clever wordplay keeps the campaign goals clear and aligned.

Where It Could Be Improved

The QR code simply leads to the competition entry site, however, there are no direct links back to the main website. This feels like a missed opportunity as McVities could have included recipes or ideas on other ways to take a break to get the most out of the QR code packaging.


Madri has offered the opportunity to ‘paint your pint’ to win a trip to Madrid. Scanning the code leads users to a website where they can design their glass in celebration of the launch of their limited edition colourful glass.

Madri- Paint your pint


Why We Like It

Activity- The code leads to a website allowing people to paint their pints. This is fun and engaging creating a brand experience and fond memories of engagement with the brand.

Cohesive- A trip to Madrid is the perfect prize for the brand whose slogan is ‘The Soul of Madrid’. Similarly, the glass design was designed by an artist from Madrid. The competition educates people on aspects of their brand.

Setting- The QR code can be found on signs in pubs and bars and the glasses themselves. They are advertising their beer and competition in the ideal location as people are already considering ordering a drink and might decide to try Madri.

Overall, Madri has done a great job with this campaign as they have put the QR codes in the right locations and designed a competition that echoes and celebrates their brand values. This is an excellent example of QR Code Packaging.


Weetabix have partnered with the England senior football team to create new promotional packaging and host a daily competition. Scanning the QR code allows users to enter once daily between 7am and 7pm.

Weetabix QR Code

Why We Like It

Daily Engagement- Customers can enter the prize draw once daily between the specified hours. This increases engagement as customers will hopefully take part in the promotion every day to increase their chance of winning. This daily investment in brand promotion is invaluable to Weetabix and further cements the product in consumer’s lives.

Insightful Information- After entering their details and discovering if they have won, consumers have access to advice from English Senior Football team nutritionists. They offer insight into what is needed for a balanced diet and of course, demonstrate how this can be achived using Weetabix.

Weetabix QR Code Landing Pages

QR Code Landing Pages

Cohesive Collaboration- The packaging, including the QR code provides a seamless collaboration between football and Weetabix. There is the option to find your local club and England football team members encouraging the consumption of Weetabix.

Overall, the QR code allows a competition entry but also access to additional information and the daily entry mechanism keeps consumers coming back for more.

Clonakilty Pudding


Image Credit- Clonakilty Blackpudding

Clonakilty Blackpudding have added a QR code competition to their black and white pudding packages. Scanning the QR code gives shoppers the opportunity to win: shopping vouchers, a hamper, a Clonakility cookbook and a Clonakilty Blackpudding Visitor’s Centre pass.

Why We Like It

Rewards Shoppers- A batch code is needed in order to enter the competition. This means actual consumers are rewarded and feel like they have earned their entry. These ‘linked to purchase’ mechanics are great for ensuring a fair competition. Find out more about promotional mechanics here.

Promotes Loyalty- Consumers are encouraged to enter ‘weekly’. This nudges consumers to purchase the product in their usual shopping to gain another entry. Thus, the product becomes a part of a consumer’s habitual purchases as the promotion runs over multiple months.

Interactivity- The Clonakilty Blackpudding website is an amazing resource containing a wealth of recipes involving the pudding. They have many typical recipes that have been updated to include the puddings. This is great for encouraging purchases as consumers find even more ways to incorporate their product into their diet.

Clonakilty has created an exceptional QR code campaign particularly surrounding consumer loyalty.  They have set up the promotion to create loyal and dedicated customers who have several ways to incorporate the product into their lives.

Walkers X Ghostbusters

Image Credit- Walkers

Image Credit- Walkers

Walkers introduced Ghostbusters packaging and offered customers the chance to win private (and standard) screenings of the new movie. There were hourly prize draws and every entry also gave you the chance to win a trip to New York!

Why We Like It

Convenience- Often QR codes are a convenient way to add something to packaging. Customers are more likely to scan a QR code than to search a long URL. Therefore, using a QR code as an entry into a competition is a great idea.

Promotional Packaging– As well as the code, Walkers created themed packaging. This has a two-pronged effect. Firstly retailers are more likely to advertise promotional packaging. Secondly, consumers are more likely to make the purchase.

Informative- Scanning the code led users to a page that allowed them to enter the competition. However, they could also watch the trailer of the film. This further incentivises people to watch even if they do not win tickets.

Overall, QR codes work great to support a promotional competition. They incentivise more people to enter and can be part of a fun packaging design.



Coca-Cola QR code landing page
Image Credit- Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola has launched new packaging for summer with their Endless Summer Pass Campaign.

Simply scan the QR Code found on the packaging, then download the Coca-Cola app. Once downloaded, games can be played in an attempt to win prizes!

Why We Like It

Call to Action- In a bid to win people are very likely to scan the QR code. Incentives are really helpful to encourage participation.

Gamification– They have utilised gamified promotions. These are naturally addictive and thus consumers become invested and buy more drinks to play more games.

Engaging- This promotion creates excitement around summer and the music events coming up. It directly connects Coca-Cola to the fun thus making it the drink of the summer!

Overall, this is an excellent example of a QR code promotion.

Aperol Spritz

Aperol have added QR codes to their bottles. Customers must scan the code in order to unlock the perfect recipe.


Call to Action- To get the measurements to make an Aperol Spritz, consumers must scan the code. This is a big incentive for consumers, making them more likely to use it.

Space Effective- This is a great way to incorporate the ‘perfect’ recipe into the product’s packaging without taking up too much space. The packaging remains classy and simple however the QR code unlocks the full recipe.

Engaging- The code brings customers to the main website thus allowing them to view other events and promotions that Aperol runs.

This is a great example of utilising QR code packaging to incorporate additional information without ruining the packaging design.

Rowntree Watermelon Ice Lollies

We spotted a QR code on the back of Rowntree’s Watermelon Ice Lolly packaging. Although QR codes can be great additions to packaging, in this instance Rowntree’s did not optimise their full potential.

QR Code Packaging- Rowntree Ice Lollies

Why We Like It.

Incorporation- The QR code is easily located at the back of the packaging. We want to ensure that QR codes are accessible to encourage use.

Website- The QR code leads to  Rowntree’s website so consumers can see other Rowntree products.

Where It Falls Short

Call to Action- The code is simply labelled  ‘find out more’. This does not encourage consumers to scan the QR code as there is no indication of the benefits of doing so.

Engagement- When the code is scanned there are no elements to interact with. We suggest brands connect codes to pages that offer some engagement. Rowntree could easily add a game, spin-to-win feature, or another interactive element to the page.


Gosh! have added a QR code to their falafel packaging. Consumers scan the code to access recipe ideas for the falafels. This is an excellent example of QR code packaging.

Excellent QR code packaging.

Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 11.12.09

Gosh! QR Code Landing Pages

Why We Like It

Call to Action- The packaging indicates why people should scan the QR code. This is important to encourage consumers to engage.

Functionality- The landing page has many recipes that include Gosh! falafels. There are loads to choose from and they are all very nutritious. This provides a service to the user.

Interactivity- The website gives you the ability to filter the recipes based on: the number of people, type of meal, skill level, hot or cold and spiciness. This is hugely beneficial and encourages users to interact with the website.

Brand Image- Providing this many recipes and ideas to consumers is great for brand awareness and sales. Consumers will begin to associate Gosh! with this feature driving sales for Gosh! products. Furthermore, Gosh! promotes itself as a brand that cares about its customers as it provides many helpful features through its QR code packaging.

Overall, we love this new packaging as it ticks all the boxes for great QR code packaging.

At Return2Sender, we run lots of on-pack promotions and are experts at creating packaging that engages consumers and meets brands’ needs. Click here for examples of our previous work.

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