Why You Should Create a Spin the Wheel Promotion in 2024

Spotlight on- Wheel Of Fortune Promotions
Published 27 June 2024

What are Spin the Wheel Promotions?

Spin the Wheel promotions merge gamification, innovative technology, and competition to create the ultimate point-of-sale promotion.

We create a spin-the-wheel game for a product and players participate in an attempt to win prizes. Consumers can access the games via QR codes or Shelf Wobblers. They are a fun twist on typical on-pack promotions.

Spin the Wheel

Image Credit- Playable.

Why We Love Them

Engaging – Spin the Wheels capture people’s attention as they participate in the promotion with the hopes of winning. This draws attention to your product, driving sales.

Memorable – They are not very common promotions and thus stand out in a crowded retail environment promoting brand awareness. They also capture young shoppers’ attention bringing in little shoppers aswell.

Consumer Data – These promotions forge a connection between the brand and the consumer hopefully leading to sales. Brands can also gain first-party data from these competitions leading to future marketing opportunities.

How We Can Help

Gordon's Spin the Wheel

We created Gordon’s Gin Spin a retail promotion that created virtual 3D wheels to give consumers the opportunity to win Gordon’s Summer Essentials. They were advertised on the shelves and they were a huge success!

We also organised all the promotional mechanics for Gordons from creating the wheel and QR code to organising prize fulfilment. We even created it to award different prizes according to the different retailers.

If you would like to create your own Wheel of Fortune promotion, you can click here to get in touch with us.