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Shopper, Retail and Packaging Activations

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Established in 2001 we are a trusted platform and studio partner for the delivery of promotional shopper, retail/leisure, and packaging activations at scale.


What we do

We leverage Mobile Marketing technologies like Messaging, Augmented Reality, QR Codes, Logo Recognition and Geo-Technologies to create promotional mechanics that encourage purchase, acquire data and drive loyalty and repeat purchase.

Our services

On-Pack Promotions

On-Pack Mechanics

Web Entry & Geo Campaingns

Web Entry &
Geo Campaingns

Augmented Reality Mechanics

Augmented Reality

Text & Win Champaigns

Text & Win

Text & Win Champaigns

QR Scan Win Mechanics

NFC Tap & Win Mechanics

NFC Tap & Win

App Development

App Development

Logo Recognition Mechanics

3-D Merchandising & Commerce

Winner Managment and Prize Fulfilment

Winner Managment
and Prize Fulfilment

Account Executive Job/Role Shopper/Digital Experience Required


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As the virtual try-on trend is accelerating, Snap Inc. released their new Filter.

It's the first one that is dynamic, which means that it can be used to dynamically texture a surface.

Probably the coolest #AR feature that has ever been made.

If you told me two years ago that I’d be doing the things I’m doing and building the things I’m building, I wouldn’t have believed you. The #xr #software landscape has changed everything. The “impossible” is possible. Dream big. Go deep. And, take us with you. 💕#ar #vr #DreamBig