Our Work

19 Years experience delivering SMS, Web, Augmented Reality and App based promotions for brands and agencies.

We’re a one stop shop for Text & Win, Web Entry, QR code, Augmented Reality, and Mobile Apps. We work ‘to brief’ or as a studio/implementation partner.

Guinness: AR/VR Treasure Hunt

Working with The DIAGEO Open Gate Brewery we built an AR/VR Treasure hunt app where visitors and OGB stakeholders could explore the Brewery (with the app) and tilt their head to claim golden coins for a chance to win prizes.

Carlsberg: Encouraging trial of new bottle

Working with Carlsberg DIAGEO we built a scan win ‘on-trade’ mechanic where pub goers scanned the Carlsberg logo on drip mats for a chance to win. Additionally, players could tap NFC tags on special neck-tie bottles against a big screen for a chance to win.

Budweiser: Shopper/Fan Engagement

To celebrate Budweiser’s sponsorship of The FA Premier League we built a promotion where shoppers could text in off POS to predict selected games for a chance to win prizes. We selected winners and texted all winners and passed on details to the fulfilment partner.

McDonald's USA: in-store check in & win

Working king with McDonald’s Chicago, USA, Agency we built a ‘geo validate and win’ mechanic. The microsite used our geo-validation look up tool to ensure that only people who were actually in store could win ( and not those tricksters who re-posted the link). Spooktacular!

Dairygold: Volume Driver On-Pack

Working with agency, Goosebump, we built an SMS instant win ( ROI & UK) mechanic where shoppers texted a unique code on pack for a chance to win a Magimix every day. We generated codes, validated codes and built the database to run the daily draws, and alert prize winners.

Driving Footfall - PokemonGo style!

Working with Ebow & charity, Pine2Pink in USA we built a ‘Pokemon Go’ treasure hunt app where players had to find geo targeted ribbons at partner retail locations across USA. The app used geo- technology & ibeacon technology to ensure players had to be physically in outlet to find ribbons and claim prizes.

Bank Of Ireland: rewarding savers

In support of Bank Of Ireland’s commitment to educate parents and kids about money, we built a loyalty game where younger consumers could play a game and answer quizzes to earn badges and win prizes. The quizzes and game highlighted needs versus wants.

Jameson AR label:

To celebrate the launch of the new Jameson bottle we build an Augmented Reality app where consumers could scan the label on the bottle. Once the bottle or logo was scanned an AR overlay hovered above the bottle like a hologram to tell the story of the bottle and logo.

Coke Football - Engaging Shoppers

In support of Coca Cola’s sponsorship of World Cup 2018, we built an Augmented Reality web game. Shoppers could scan a QR code at their local Centra, and play a mini game where they kicked 5 footballs into the goal to win. Players entered via a web form to win.